Digital platforms are expanding the field of the traditional documentary.

EXAMPLES  new forms of documentary storytelling.

>> interactive web-based films >>  Highrise: Out My Window and Collapsus

>>  semi-open narrative Soul Patron (2010), a road trip through the culture and atmosphere of Japan

>> Welcome to Pine Point (2010) by Canadian media group The Goggles.

>> Brèves de Trottoir (2010) by film director and journalist Olivier Lambert and photographer Thomas Salva.

>> Journey to the End of Coal (2008)  French production company Honkeytonk

>>  Rapporteur de crise  (insight into the European Parliament)  facing the consequences of the economic crisis! created by Honkeytonk.

>> semi-open narrative  Soul Patron (2010) by Frederik Rieckher. A a road trip through the culture and atmosphere of Japan.

>> open narrative’s Prison Valley (2010) exploring Fremont County, Colorado.  These project is created by the French journalist David Dufresne and photojournalist Phillipe Brault.

>> interactive documentary (not yet realised completly)   Man with a Movie Camera.

Man With A Movie Camera: The Global Remake

experiments where users can directly contribute to the story by uploading content. An example of this is a twist on the 1929 documentary by Russian director Dziga Vertov


Man With A Movie Camera“ (1929)