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Nowhere Safe – France


Best Online Project of the Year 2011


Entering organisation: Textuel La Mine (BDDP Unlimited)
Country: France
Samuel Bollendorff (Photography), Mehdi Ahoudig (Sound),
Abbé Pierre Foundation (Co-Producer)

„The winning project, a web documentary,  tells the stories of men and women in France who are living in precarious conditions due to poor housing. The stories are told through portrait photography and intimate interviews. Each voice is set in the context of research figures on the millions of French people who suffer as a result of housing issues.
The jury said: “This is a project with outstanding content”. “It’s like a radio 2.0 mix of audio and pictures”  that is “more real than video”. “The project doesn’t just tell the story of the people but also keeps their dignity intact.” “It upholds social values as well as high production standards”.“








3rd FRANCE 24-RFI Web Documentary award  >> Resultat

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Frespech Notes

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The Sonic memorial project >> Picture projects, 2001

360° US Carceral System 2001


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CODE BARRE, le blogue

Social TV experience. A co-production between French-German TV channel Arte and Quebec. production company, ONF

An interactive site and iPhone app from the NFB/ARTE that gets your stuff talking.

>> BARCODE.TV >>  german >> also on the App Store

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Montréal, Québec, Canada

Digital platforms are expanding the field of the traditional documentary.

EXAMPLES  new forms of documentary storytelling.

>> interactive web-based films >>  Highrise: Out My Window and Collapsus

>>  semi-open narrative Soul Patron (2010), a road trip through the culture and atmosphere of Japan

>> Welcome to Pine Point (2010) by Canadian media group The Goggles.

>> Brèves de Trottoir (2010) by film director and journalist Olivier Lambert and photographer Thomas Salva.

>> Journey to the End of Coal (2008)  French production company Honkeytonk

>>  Rapporteur de crise  (insight into the European Parliament)  facing the consequences of the economic crisis! created by Honkeytonk.

>> semi-open narrative  Soul Patron (2010) by Frederik Rieckher. A a road trip through the culture and atmosphere of Japan.

>> open narrative’s Prison Valley (2010) exploring Fremont County, Colorado.  These project is created by the French journalist David Dufresne and photojournalist Phillipe Brault.

>> interactive documentary (not yet realised completly)   Man with a Movie Camera.

Man With A Movie Camera: The Global Remake

experiments where users can directly contribute to the story by uploading content. An example of this is a twist on the 1929 documentary by Russian director Dziga Vertov


Man With A Movie Camera“ (1929)


Watching HIGHRISE, I am reminded of Marshall McLuhan, who warned us about the downside of the global village: “When the whole world moves in next door, everyone becomes everyone else’s nosy neighbor.” Nosiness, or fervent, enlightened participation? I’m arguing for the upside of being a nosy neighbour.



Journey to the End of Coal — A web documentary that let the user investigate the living conditions of Chinese coal miners.

Out My Window — a National Film Board of Canada collaborative documentary showing 13 interactive views from highrise apartments.

Welcome to Pine Point — a National Film Board of Canada web documentary exploring the memories of residents from the former community of Pine Point, Northwest Territories.[1]

Saving Papa New Guinea’s Forests — Extensive web documentary about forest conservation in times of climate change in Papua New Guinea

Becoming Human — „Paleoanthropology, Evolution, and Human Origins“

Gift of a Lifetime — Audio slideshow storytelling complemented by interactive historical timeline and an interactive human body

Google Me – A documentary about a guy, Jim Killeen, who Googled himself and then went all over the world meeting others with his name.

Interactive Narratives — A collection of web documentary content from various sources

Water’s Journey: Everglades — This web documentary includes six audio slideshows, and interactive map, an interactive historical timeline and film/animation clips

Hometown Baghdad — A series chronicling the lives of three Iraqi 20-somethings in Baghdad

The Iron Curtain Diaries (1989-2009) — web documentary by Matteo Scanni about the fall of the Iron Curtain

One World Journeys Expeditions — A collection of environment and conservation themed web documentaries created between 2000 and 2002

Canto do Brazil — web documentary about Brazil by a documentary photographer

Thanatorama — A journey into the arcane world of the funeral. Between the intimate and the universal, the sacred and the mundane, the religious rite and market rules, Thanatorama played on records and surveys the frontiers. At the heart of the viewer confronted with his own death. To him draw his journey, according to its beliefs, according to his curiosity.

Prison Valley — Prison Valley is a web documentary by David Dufresne and Philippe Brault on the prison industry in the recession-hit United States. A journey into what the future might hold.

New York Minute — A 6-part miniseries riding through the five boroughs and a web-based, collaborative and multilingual encyclopedia about New York’s culture.

WATERLIFE – NFB — The interactive story of the last great supply of fresh drinking water on Earth.

Where is Gary — An interactive investigation about a real con artist. The documentary maker Jean-Baptiste Dumont challenged himself to find this fascinating guy in ten weeks, with the help of the audience.

My Tribe Is My Life — an interactive exploration of how young people use the internet and music subcultures to forge identities and relationships.[2]

Multimediadocumentary Is the new way to create and distribute multimedia documentary using the new mobile technologies.The projects is open to the contribution of everyone (photographers or movie maker) who have some interesting story to show.


MMDoc #1 Le cittá di Olivetti by Sandro Pisani First edition of the new Multimedia documentary community network, photografy and interview of people and place inherent the project as iPad application.

A new year is here and like everyone else we tend to do a bit of status here on Storyplanet. So I looked back and found five storytelling projects that gave us great inspiration in the past year (the might not all be from 2010 but that’s when we came across them). Happy New Year!
1. Storming Juno:
This site is based on a Canadian TV-documentary about the D-day invasion, so from the onset the quality of content was great. But the people behind the project has done an awesome job at repackaging the TV-content to an interactive online format, and paired with some hight quality motion graphics work as well as great design and navigation it all comes together to a beautiful project – which by the way also works great on a technical level with streaming, loading, resizing etc.


2. The Bank Run Game:
This is a very inspiring example of how you can use what is essentially a video based movie to create a game that sends the user through a number of dilemmas before reaching the next part of the story (which will be different depending on your choices). Try to do a little brainstorm on the possibilities in this form…pretty exiting.
3. A different ending:
The idea is similar to The Bank Run Game. As a viewer you direct a character through a story and get different payoffs depending on your choices. In this case the purpose is to show how you get in or stay out of violence. What is really inspiring from a production point of view is how they used YouTube and a rather simple video setup to produce an excellent story. It shows that with creativity and a good idea you can get far with simple tools.
4. Prison Valley:
“A web documentary exploring the prison industry” is how the people behind the project describes it. One of the things the producers did really well was to think of multiple platforms from the onset, so you can watch on iPhone, web or even on television if you are lucky to be a place where they broadcast it. Having said that the story is beautifully shot and composed as well.
5. Expedition Titanic:
So you want to do an exploration of Titanic. Of course the project should have a website, so let’s throw a bunch of HTML-pages together…no…This site is one of the best ways of presenting any kind of project or business venture in a browser that we have seen a long time. It’s mostly just facts but the presentation is awesome, and it’s a little story in it’s own right.